Ghostcrawler Spirit Beast – Tamed!

Get in there! I camped the Abyssal Depths in Vash’jir for about 6 hours last night and picked up again today more or less from the same start time. An hour later (18.30hrs server time) and Ghostcrawler had spawned and was walking north along his path on the far western edge of the Abyssal Depths. Having completed several circuits and then popping back to Orgrimmar to auction the 13 stacks of Obsidium Ore I couldn’t have been gone more than 10 minutes when he’d finally spawned.

He hits pretty hard, what with his nerfbat and all but despite having 94k HP, I popped a stamina buff, a Potion of Speed, Deterrence and Rapid Fire just to be sure and probably ended the tame at 50% health.

Gebeorgan and Ghostcrawler

Gebeorgan and Ghostcrawler



10 best looking hunter pets in Warcraft

Conor got in touch with a YouTube video of his – check it out! If it wasn’t for my spirit beasts I’d have been missing out completely from his list – what do you think? What’s your Top 10?


After a mere three hours searching yesterday, whilst doing numerous circuits gathering saronite and titanium I first killed King Krush just south of the Nessingwary Base Camp and it didn’t even occur to me tame him. Oh well. The thumping feet of dinos drives me mad, so I took the achievement of Northern Exposure instead.

About 20 minutes later I finally come across Loque’nahak at the Skyreach Pillar – a very easy tame despite the excitement. I’m a very, very happy hunter at the moment.


Level 19 Twink Pets

I’ve noticed Mania has a great post detailing the options for your level 19 twink pet, so head on over.

Been a long absence for me on this blog – I’ve covered just about everything I wanted too plus I’m concentrating on the (now level 80) rogue and her achievements (I’ve almost done half of them).

It would be remiss of me to not take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

World of Warcraft Vanity Pets

Been a busy beaver on the vanity pets in the past week or so. Check out my collection at

Not heard of this website before? Well Blizzard have – Breanni the curator will be immortalised in Wrath of the Lich King with an NPC named after her. You’ll find a complete database of Warcraft minipets and companions and if you create a free account you can track your collections across all your characters, exclude certain pets (such as those available from the Trading Card Game) and learn where and how to get the rest. Very neat.