Has it really been a year?

Oh boy. I’ve been hot and cold with World of Warcraft since last year, not helped by ill health following a massive pulmonary embolism which almost sent me to the Spirit Healer in November 2009. Inevitably Cataclysm has brought me back and because my guild is so awesome, I rolled a Goblin hunter to stay with them. Just how good is Cataclysm? Blizzard have done a great job revamping the geography and quests and sticking all the instance quest givers inside the instance means the group finder is even more useful. Being a Goblin, I tamed one of those color-changing raptors on the starter Lost Isles – lots of awesome as he spawns a different color when you dismount your Goblin Trike. I have another stable slot available and I’ve reserved that for a Black Axe Monkey from Deadmines – I mean, you have to – don’t you?

I’ll have to get a screen shot shortly…


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