Respec(t) Survival Hunter build

Well, this is an experiment. I’m not sure if it will suit my playstyle or cause problems with finishing my Outland quests (although I have a Shaman I team up with) but I’m trying a Survival Hunter build as seen below:
survival talent build
I’ll give this a go for at least a week and see how I feel before switching to a Marksmanship build and then perhaps some sort of hybrid. Variety being the spice of life and plus it also helps you learn your class a bit more.


3 responses to “Respec(t) Survival Hunter build

  1. I’ve approved the comment above as an example of what NOT to post.

    * Be CIVIL.
    * READ the post – I make no mention of raiding.
    * Qualify statements with reasons and alternatives.

    Ultimately, this didn’t suit me and I went back to Beastmaster. I still haven’t tried Marksman though…

    Have to smile at the “(not) Possibly related posts” generated by for this post.

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