Movin’ on up

Been a while since the last post but I have been busy. Not only did I level my alliance PvE hunter to 43, but this past week I succumbed to the calling of the wild and started leveling Gebeorgan too.

I was very close to dinging level 30, maybe 4 bars away, so by the time I handed in a bunch of completed quests in Ashenvale, Stonetalon Mountains and the Barrens I was half-way through the next level without firing a shot. The rest of the level opened my eyes to one thing though and prompted a talent respec. With a hard-hitting PvP build and my lower-level Ghost Saber pet (I really wanted to use Shimmer more) I was over-aggroing—not a problem as the mobs died real quick, but it needed correcting. I am now a pure Beast Master. I have always wanted a 41/20/0 build so this is very pleasing for me. Now my pet has a chance to hold aggro and we can get on with killing quickly (as before) but with a lot more control.

With PvP twink gear I have excellent stats for my level (another factor my pet was dealing with) but with a full compliment of enchantments this really extends the shelf life of that gear beyond the level you’d normally be replacing it at. I had already collected most of the gear for fighting in the Battlegrounds at level 39 and I didn’t really want to enchant it just for PvE so I’ve actually sold a few pieces, including the Epic Nightbane sword (and for a profit to boot). To help me make the right choices I installed RatingBuster an addon that provides item stat breakdown, analysis and comparison. Although I’m sure my stamina may have suffered (which is not a big deal for a PvE Beast Master hunter) I discovered that I could equip the Nightscape Headband, Nightscape Tunic, Gloves of Holy Might and Imperial Leather Bracers yet still able to improve Ranged Attack Power and Crit Rating. I have yet to obtain a Shadowforge Bushmaster gun so I made the less-than-clearcut choice of using the Epic Bow of Searing Arrows.

I’ve also accepted the quest for Goblin engineering and Artisan cooking and completed the Triage quest for First Aid so everything’s moving along nicely. When I have some materials, I do need to visit the enchanter inside Uldaman though.

It feels good to be leveling again.


4 responses to “Movin’ on up

  1. Could you plz put together another guide for the 40-49 bracket best weaps/armor? I don’t wanna start leveling again until I know what I’m going for, thx!

  2. Hey Tarna πŸ™‚ I’m pushing on to level 60 so as to get a PvP mount (just not had time to blog lately) and am currently level 55.

    I don’t have plans on doing a level 49 twink guide but I will say that you want to get hold of Hurricane if you’re Beast Master spec like myself. This bow is insanely fast—0.88 speed with rapid fire! Also, getting the biggest enchants possible is practical so check out the 39 guide for those and make sure you’ve “gone large” πŸ™‚

    For gear and weapons I ran some Hunter-specific queries in the WoW Armory—here’s a search for 40-49 ranged weapons. Play around with the item filters for each gear slot etc. One thing I did find though is that you must enchant. My level 29 PvP gear saw me well through my 40’s and indeed I still have lvl 25 shoulders because it’s not the armor value that counts, it’s the Ranged Attack Power and Crit scores.

    Hope this helps!

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