Epix: We has them

Nightblade and Bow of Searing Arrows

Now I haven’t been putting much effort into the Auction House this week but I’m only 42 gold down after buying these two babies for when I reach level 39 (plus a few other bits and sundries) and my next stopping point in the battlegrounds World Tour. I’ve compiled a list of armour and weapons ready for the article showing you what’s best for a level 39 hunter twink so stay tuned.

Update: 7 March.
Level 39 Weapons and armor posts are complete.


3 responses to “Epix: We has them

  1. Very nice bow! I lucked out and my boyfriend got it as a random drop off of the Bloodsail Pirates in STV, and he gave it to me. I used that bow for a veeeeeery long time.

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  3. Your so lucky, someone was recently selling the nightblade for 1k gold on my server T_T everything is so expensive.