Taming all the beasts in World of Warcraft

I had the idea after trolling through the Petopia database of taming all the beasts in World of Warcraft. Pointless? Perhaps. But an achievement nonetheless. I’m leveling slowly because I’m chasing reputation with the PvP factions—and that means pausing at levels 19 (now inadvertently done after the Ghost Saber taming), 29, 39 and 49. To break the monotony I am leveling Engineering, Enchanting, Fishing, Cooking and First Aid so pet hunting would be a nice way to see the world in between battleground fights and material shortages.

The Petopia database is sortable by zone, making it super-easy to create a to-do list, tame the beasts and tick them off the list. What I wanted though was proof that I’d done it—a screenshot? I was thinking I’d need two, one with Beast Taming running and one with the hungry critter stood next to me. A bit of editing later, post to Photobucket and link through to the blog. That might get tiresome and time-intensive though.

That’s when I came across the series of articles by Someone entitled “Taming World of Warcraft”. He’s almost finished a huge project to do what I intend to but with the aim of collecting the stats of the beasts before and after capture for future data manipulation (I’ve over simplified—go read for yourselves). Anyway, the upshot is that Someone has written an addon and some Perl scripts to let you know what you have to tame for the zone you entered and when you target a beast, whether you’ve already tamed that type already. When it comes to taming, you click a one-line macro to gather the data of the beast then after taming (waiting a few seconds first), call another macro to record the pet details.

Well, that’s the to-do list sorted 21st century style. The Perl scripting is for the data extraction into your spreadsheet application and although I’ve not tried it yet (need some data first) you can produce a “% Complete” report. Done job. I’ll publish a screenshot of that for prosperity at regular intervals.


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